A successful weekend at the IBSA Blind/Vision Impaired Football Seminar

A group photo of B2/B3 football players in attendance at the IBSA conference on 13th and 14th May 2023.

On the weekend of May 13th and 14th Vision Sports Ireland, in collaboration with FAI Ireland, hosted the IBSA Blind/Vision Impaired Football Seminar at the National Sports Campus, Dublin.

We would like to thank the 30 coaches who were in attendance over the weekend. Coming from all across Ireland, giving up their time to upskill and educate themselves further on coaching blind and vision impaired football. The session was facilitated by Julian Martin Mejia, IBSA Coach Educator, Spain Blind Football Head Coach & Inter Moviestar Coach and Elias Mastoras, IBSA Chairperson. 

Day one was concentrated on blind football with tutor Julian taking the coaches through an in-depth theory session before moving the practical elements in the afternoon.

Day two followed a similar format with theory and practical sessions, this time the focus was on coaching vision impaired football.

A group picture of B1 football players and coaches that attended the IBSA seminar on 13th May 2023

We were privileged to have Julian leading the session. Julian has extensive experience through his roles as the Spanish Blind Football Head Coach in addition to being the Inter Moviestar Coach. The participants received invaluable tips and insights from Julian on coaching blind and vision impaired football, leaving with new, fresh ideas that they can incorporate into their coaching sessions moving forward.

The 30 coaches that attended the session will now be able to use what they learned over the weekend to further help grow, promote and increase the skill level of blind and vision impaired football in Ireland.

We are already looking forward to seeing the impacts that the weekend will have in the coming months.

If you are interested in hearing more about the seminar, or getting involved in blind or vision impaired football, please contact Sean Poland.


Sean Poland | Education, Training and Participation Coordinator

Vision Sports Ireland, NCBI, Whitworth Road, Dublin 9.
Email: sean.visionsports@ncbi.ie

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