Associate Club Programme

Robbie Henshaw holding a sign of the associate club logo

Vision Sports Ireland are delighted to announce the launch of our Associate Club Programme. This initiative is designed to create a network of inclusive sports clubs around the country that are open to including individuals with vision impairments throughout the mainstream and adapted activities within their clubs.

The decision to establish the Associate Club Programme arose from Vision Sports Ireland’s commitment to creating an inclusive sports sector and will help direct people with vision impairments towards inclusive clubs in a sport of physical activity of their choice.

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3 men including robbie henshaw stand for a photo holding rugby balls and a sign of the associate club logo

Associate Club Programme Details:

Club Benefits:

  • Clubs will be listed as Vision Sports Ireland Associated clubs.
  • Vision Sports Ireland Associate Clubs will be eligible for funding opportunities offered by Vision Sports Ireland.
  • Clubs will receive a Vision Sports Ireland Associate Club accredited certificate.
  • Clubs will receive artwork for their website and social media platforms.
  • Club activities and participant recruitment will be supported by Vision Sports Ireland.
  • Clubs will benefit from programme start-up support for specific vision impaired initiatives.
Robbie Henshaw holding a sign of the associate club logo with a mixture of male and female players form the old wesley vi rugby team

Eligibility Criteria:

  • A minimum of four coaches/volunteers/committee members must have completed Vision Sports Awareness Training, including at least one committee member.
  • The club must align with one of the following:
    • Already have a vision impaired programme.
    • Already have participating members with a vision impairment.
    • Be open to establishing a vision impaired-specific programme.
    • Welcoming to vision impaired athletes/players to participate in the club’s mainstream activities.
    • Use accessible advertising posters (Support will be provided)
    • Clubs must be affiliated with the National Governing Body of their sport or similar.

Please note: Having your club as an associate club of Vision Sports Ireland does not provide insurance cover; such cover remains the responsibility of the club and its affiliated National Governing Body.

Old Wesley Club President Ronan Bools signing a sheet with VSI CEO Aaron Mullaniff Standing Behind

Vision Sports Ireland invites all sports clubs in Ireland to join the Associate Club Programme and encourages clubs to take proactive steps towards inclusivity and accessibility within their organisations.

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