MayFest endorsed by President Higgins

As soon as he entered the ALSAA Sports Centre, beside Dublin Airport, he had an audience of 250 in his hands. He could do nothing wrong as he criss-crossed an appreciative audience and viewed demos in vi tennis, futsal and para-rowing.

According to our new Chair Joe Geraghty “I just can’t believe President Higgins paid us such an honour, He knew the score and totally understood where we come from. Also, Sabina got it and worked the room with all those hugs. We can only go onwards and upwards after such presidential endorsement.”


It started with TalkFest and some outstanding presentations, then the absolute endorsement from President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins and finished with a brilliant high note as our futsal team won the 3 nations tournament with VICTORY.  MayFest 2016 – a re-launch of our old May Games – had our highest MayFest participation and attendance levels ever. One has to look back 10 years and more to find a greater involvement with our traditional May Game

A fire rekindled

According to Joe Geraghty “a fire was rekindled. I think the fire started in 1981 but flickered along the way. It’s back and there’s a new generation out there who know how to build it. Many sporting bonfires may happen.”

Joe adds  “All organisers are voluntary and give all of their services free. We are so appreciative of the backup we receive from key partners NCBI and ChildVision. They added so much to the weekend past so the only way is up.”

Organisation for MayFest 2017 begins today!

There are 230 absolutely brilliant photos on our facebook page thanks to ace photographer Lorraine O’Connor. Check out MayFest 2016 photos here

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