Comradery Shines Through at Vision Sports’ Fittest Families 2023

A young boy wearing a hat climbs up a ramp using a net to hold, he has his thumb up towards the camera

On Sunday, 22nd October, families from all over the country gathered at Alive Outside, Co. Wicklow for Vision Sports’ Fittest Families 2023.

Throughout the day, families took part in a series of challenges designed to push their limits and strengthen their bonds through multiple challenge zones, including the Barrel Zone, Tyre Zone, Forest Zone, and Eliminator Zone.

A father and son hang off a bar in the woods, they are both smiling

In the Barrel Zone, families tackled challenges like the Barrel Run Challenge and Tug of War. These activities encouraged teamwork and showcased the determination/competitive nature of participants as they pulled and their way to victory.

The Tyre Zone featured the Tyre Relay where participants had to scale their way through walls and paths of tyres in a head to head race and was finished off with a very hotly contested game of Gutterball which added an element of strategy to the day’s events, requiring families to work together to succeed.

The Forest Zone offered possibly the most demanding of the days activities, including the infamous Hang Tough and Backs Against the Wall. Some very impressive times were recorded on the day including some 10 minute and above wall sits in Backs Against the Wall.

The Eliminator Zone featured a Race where families had to work together to scale a number of 10-Foot Walls, finished off with a head to head Stretcher Carry race. These challenges demanded strength, endurance, and quick thinking as families raced through the course.

a young female crouches with her back against a wall in the forest

The day finished with a trip up the famous Ireland’s Fittest Families Ramp, an iconic and challenging obstacle that put families to the test, bringing an end to a thrilling and enjoyable day for all.

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