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In line with Sport Ireland’s Research Strategy 2021-2027, Vision Sports Ireland is working to play its part in generating, capturing and sharing insights to better understand, respond and develop better solutions to the challenges faced by people who are blind or vision impaired in Ireland in accessing and participating in sport and physical activity.

Vision Sports Ireland regularly engages in research projects with key stakeholders and institutions to better understand how we can be effective in instrumenting change in partnership.

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Physical Activity and Wellbeing Across the Lifecycle Research

In partnership with DCU, Vision Sports Ireland are engaging in the largest ever research study to take place in internationally investigating physical activity, health and wellbeing, and barriers to participation in sport and physical activity for children and adults who are blind or vision impaired.

The findings from this research will help inform the delivery of services for Vision Sports Ireland as we enter our new strategic cycle.

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The front cover of the Visibility for Women in Sport research. The background images are of a woman playing rugby and some girls laughing. The text reads

Visibility for Women in Sport

In 2021, Vision Sports began a journey to address the under representation of people who are blind or vision impaired in sport, with particular focus on low rates of participation for girls and women. In partnership with NCBI, Vision Sports started the conversation on exercise habits, participation levels, barriers and promoters for girls and women who are blind and visually impaired to gain a greater understanding of supports and opportunities required.

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