International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) Classification for Athletes with Visual Impairment

Eligible Impairments Types:   Athletes with Vision Impairment have reduced, or no vision caused by damage to the eye structure, optical nerves or optical pathways, or visual cortex of the brain.
B1: Visual acuity is less than LogMAR 2.60
B2: Visual acuity ranges from LogMAR 1.50 to 2.60 (inclusive); and/or the visual field is constricted to a diameter of less than 10 degrees.
B3: Visual acuity ranges from LogMAR 1.50 to 2.60 (inclusive); and/or the visual field is contricted to a diameter of less than 40 degrees.

In Paralympic Sports, these three classes equate to:

Athletics T/F11 / T/F12 / T/F13
EquestrianB2 / B1 / B3
Football 5-a-sideB1
Goalball B2 / B1 / B3
Judo B2 / B1 / B3
RowingPR3 B1 / PR3 B2 / PR3 B3
SwimmingS-SB_SM11 / S-SB-SM12 / S-SB-SM13
TriathlonPVTL1 / PTVL2 / PTVL3

How to apply for national classification:

To be eligible to apply for a national classification, athletes must:

  • Be affected by at least one impairment considered eligible by the IBSA
  • Minimum of 13 years old
  • Be involved through the NGB in the sport which wishes to be classified for a minimum period of five months
  • Be a member of Vision Sports Ireland
  • Athletes who fulfil the criteria above should have the Medical Diagnostics Form completed ( and submitted to

Please be aware the information above is related purely to classification. Further information on the national athlete and competition pathway should be clarified with each Sport NGB.

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