Irish Life Dublin Marathon 2022

We are delighted to announce that the 2022 Irish Life Dublin Marathon will include two prizes for blind / vision impaired athletes. The first male and female blind / vision impaired finishers will each receive a prize of €750.

In addition, the Irish Life Dublin Marathon is an International Paralympic Committee (IPC) approved event. Therefore, the marathon provides a pathway to qualifications for major IPC events.


To qualify to compete for prizes participants must fulfil the following criteria:

Have a visual eyesight classification under criteria as laid out by the International Blind Sports Association (IBSA) in categories B1, B2 or B3.

  • B1: Visual acuity lower than LogMAR 2.6.
  • B2: Visual acuity ranging from LogMAR 1.5 to 2.6 (inclusive)
    and/or visual field constricted to a diameter of less than 10 degrees.
  • B3: Visual acuity ranging from LogMAR 1.4 to 1.0 (inclusive) and/or visual field constricted to a diameter of less than 40 degrees.

The Irish Life Dublin Marathon 2022 prizes will be awarded based on best overall results by male and female runners from any of the above classification categories.

  1. Registered with Vision Sports Ireland/NCBI or hold a 2022 IPC Licence as well as being nationally and internationally classified.
  • Guide runners must be registered for the event, this can be facilities by emailing
  • The blind / vision impaired runner may be accompanied by up to two guides, one at a time with strict adherence to rules as laid down in the IPC World Para Athletics Rules and Regulations 2022.
  • Runners seeking Marathon qualification times for IPC major championships must hold a 2022 IPC Licence and hold valid IPC national and international eyesight classifications. Accompanying guide/s must hold a 2022 IPC Licence.
  • All blind/vision impaired runners and guides seeking to compete for prizes must start from designated area at required time as directed by Irish Life Dublin Marathon officials.
  • All applications to compete for prizes will be validated by Vision Sports Ireland, the national governing body (NGB) for sport for vision impaired people in Ireland.
  • Guide and VI Runner Bibs are available from Vision Sports Ireland on request.

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