Reeling in the years – MayFest Opening Ceremony – Sunday 2nd May 2021

Oh, what a night! 2nd May 2021.
40 years apart but all back together for the 40th Anniversary of May Games / MayFest.

Our Reeling in the Years opening was co-hosted, via virtual, by Joe Geraghty and Bernie Everard. They promised us MayFest Mayhem. Well, our mamas never told us there’d be Mays like this.
We had yarns of yore from our stars of yesteryear – and still going strong – including Pat and Martin Kelly, Michael Lavin as well as Gerry and Bridget Campbell. Stars from the present included Chris Watts and Anne and Fiona Cusack as well as recent Chair Finbarr Roche. Friends John Fulham (President Paralympics Ireland) and Denis Toomey (Cycling Ireland para-cycling Manager) stepped by as they prepare for Tokyo 2020, later in 2021.
In between the oh so friendly breakout rooms we saw stills reflecting the day of the Presidents – Michael O’Keefe and Michael D. – and our days at Santry Stadium ALSAA, Mount Anville and Trinity College.
From there we ascended to MayFest Heaven to remember our friends who are the rock on which Vision Sports and MayFest were built.  
Then came Rahim Nazarali who paid tribute to his late great friend Michael Delaney. Rahim took it all further as he inducted Michael, posthumously, into the Vision Sports Ireland Hall of Fame. David, Michael’s brother, accepted the Award.
Then came Breda Currid who greeted us with a cheery hello. She then inducted her great friend, Carol Carr, into the Vision Sports Ireland Hall of Fame! Carol was so excited and emotional. But, just as she did in athletics, she took it all nicely in her stride.
Then came Tony Guest, well no. A bit like LIVE radio and TV broadcasting these days, his link broke down. Host Joe Geraghty, stepped in, paid warm tribute, and inducted Bridie Lynch into the Vision Sports Ireland Hal of Fame. Bridie was emotional too and expressed how much it meant to her.
….and finally, Michael Clarke, a proud Castletown, Co. Meath man stepped in to induct his friend Fintan O’Donnell into the Vision Sports Ireland Hall of Fame. Fintan emotional? Nope, but he did express his thanks and appreciation for receiving such an honour.
Our main man Aaron Mullaniff wound matters up by thanking the production team: Padraig Healy, Kristina Millar and Sara McFadden as well as co-hosts Joe and Bernie. Aaron loved the night, loved the stories.
In the virtual bar afterwards meetings were arranged, phone numbers exchanged, sure it seemed like 1981 all over again! 

Screen photo of attendees.
<strong>Screen photo of attendees<strong>
Screen photo of attendees.
<strong>Screen photo of attendees<strong>
Screen photo of attendees.
<strong>Screen photo of attendees<strong>

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