Home Equipment Support Grant Gives Members the “Motivation”, “Desire” and “Confidence” To Stay Active During COVID-19

During Covid-19 Vision Sports Ireland recognised the disproportionate impact lockdown was having on its members. A series of online exercise classes were introduced along with a Home Equipment Grant Scheme. The support funding was to a max value of €250 per applicant. Over 50 applications were received with over €8,000 distributed to members.

Items covered included treadmills, yoga mats, weights, cycling machines to name just a few.

National Sports Development Manager with Vision Sports Ireland Pádraig Healy says “we were delighted with the response from our members to our Home Equipment Grant Scheme, we are constantly consulting with our members as to how we can increase physical activity opportunities for people with a vision impairment. This along with our online exercise series were introduced as Covid-19 interventions however both have had huge benefits in removing barriers to participation and we will certainly do our best to continue to offer similar supports.”

Below is a snapshot of feedback received from Vision Sports Ireland members and how the scheme supported them during Covid-19.  

“With the indoor tennis courts and gyms closed for so long I’m very grateful to have a way to do cardio training in our tiny flat. I’m listening to podcasts and audiobooks while I’m on the stepper machine and I participate in virtual challenges to motivate myself. Thank you Vision Sports Ireland” Zsofia Gruber

“Now I can unlock my desire of running sport at home – Thanks to Vision Sports Ireland for your big help!” Jens Kaps

“I am getting great value from the golf driving net & it has given me the confidence to go back onto the golf course again. This could not be done without the support of Vision Sports Ireland.” Tommy Reidy

Images are of grant recipients using their equipment.

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