Vision Sports Ireland Launch Female Leadership Programme

A female with short blonde hair cheers with her arm in the air

Vision Sports Ireland is proud to announce the launch of our Female Leadership Programme. This pioneering initiative is designed to enhance the confidence and leadership capabilities of females with vision impairments, equipping them with the skills and knowledge needed to become Female Champions within their community.

The Vision Sports Ireland Female Leadership programme is designed to:

  • Provide a platform for females with vision impairments to develop leadership skills.
  • Equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to become advocates within the sports sector.
  • Create a community of Female Champions who can inspire and support others.
Photo of Katie George and Eve on the podium with gold medals and an Irish flag

Sara Mc Fadden, Vision Sports Ireland Women in Sport Lead commented “I am very excited about the launch of the this Female Leadership Programme. This programme holds the tools to empower females to become leaders, shaping the future of vision impaired sports and our communities.”

Vision Sports Ireland invites any females with a vision impairment over the age of 18 who aspire to be leaders and change-makers in the world of sport and beyond to join this programme.
Registration Link

For more information contact Sara Mc Fadden, Women in Sport Lead, Vision Sports Ireland on or 086 167 7896.

Programme Structure

  • Activity Day – The programme will begin with a Team Building Day in Alive Outside, Bray, Co. Wicklow on October 22nd form 2:30-6pm, where participants will have the opportunity to meet in person and complete leadership and team building exercises.
  • Networking Events – The group will come together for a number of networking events where they will have the opportunity to meet one another, as well as some special guests and established vision impaired female leaders.
  • Online Sessions – These will cover a range of different areas to equip members with knowledge in a number of key areas associated with leadership. Modules will include, but are not limited to leadership, governance and Irish sports landscape, building confidence/self-advocacy.
  • Sports Sessions – These group will get the opportunity to attend a number of Blind/Vision Impaired sporting activities together throughout the programme.
  • Activity/Leadership trips – The group will be go on a leadership activity trip to a location in Ireland. This trip will allow the group to work on a number of elements of leadership and confidence building. This will take place towards the end of the programme.

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