Volunteer Code of Conduct

Vision Sports Ireland Volunteer Policy

CRO No 20028114, CHY 10793

Date of Issue: 17th February 2022



The most essential resource of any charity is its people. This includes ensuring that volunteers are clear about their own roles and the roles of others. Charity Directors also have a responsibility to manage resources responsibly. The purpose of this policy is to provide a framework for a fair and consistent process that will result in a positive and productive experience for all concerned.

This document does not contain an exhaustive description of matters (legal requirements or otherwise) which need to be addressed in the context of the relationship between a charitable organisation and its volunteers and prospective volunteers. 


Vision Sports Ireland – Volunteer Recruitment Policy

Policy Statement

Volunteers play a particularly important role in the work of Vision Sports Ireland. We therefore recognise that it is crucial that we attract volunteers to our organisation to help us achieve our charitable purpose and associated goals.

We provide appropriate support and training to allow volunteers to realise their full potential in their role with Vision Sports Ireland. We appreciate and value the significant contributions that volunteers make to the aims and objectives of Vision Sports Ireland. We are committed to compliance with all relevant legislative obligations relating to the environment in which our volunteers carry out their role.


Induction Steps

  • Complete Volunteer Application Form
  • Application Reviewed
  • Vetting Forms Issued
  • Interview held online or by phone
  • Induction pack issued
  • Code of conduct signed



Vision Sports Ireland will consider involving anyone who wishes to volunteer with us however, prospective volunteers must demonstrate a commitment to the aims of Vision Sports Ireland and their availability as volunteers must align with the needs of Vision Sports Ireland.

We provide a volunteer recruitment process, which is free from any unlawful discrimination.

For some volunteer roles, specific selection criteria may apply to determine the suitability of a volunteer candidate to a particular role. In addition, selection criteria may become relevant where there are more applicants for a particular volunteer role than positions available. Selection criteria are based on the relevant skills, qualifications and experience of volunteer candidates.


Garda Vetting

Vision Sports Ireland has a duty of care to ensure all members are safe, and are never put at risk. Before becoming a registered volunteer with Vision Sports Ireland, applicants MUST be Garda vetted through Vision Sports Ireland/NCBI.

Given the level of contact with our members, i.e., one-to-one in an unsupervised activity, Vision Sports applies stringent vetting guidelines. As our members are vulnerable adults and children, Vision Sports Ireland cannot take any volunteers that it is highlighted have a serious conviction.

Registered volunteers should at all times:

  • Vision Sports members are protected from risk and any safety issues are considered.


Confidentiality and Data Protection

Vision Sports Ireland respects the right to privacy and confidentiality of our volunteers and prospective volunteers.

Vision Sports Ireland may from time to time in the course of administering its business, and exercising its legal rights and performing its legal obligations in connection with the recruitment of volunteers, need to process personal data. Vision Sports Ireland will process such data in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation and implementing legislation. Further details in relation to what personal data is collected in relation to volunteers or prospective volunteers, and the purposes for which such data may be used are set out in Vision Sports Ireland’s data protection policy, (which may be amended or updated from time to time).


Reference Checks

References checks and any verification of educational qualifications, which involves contact with third parties will only take place once Vision Sports Ireland forms a clear view that it would like to recruit a candidate volunteer. Vision Sports Ireland will always request the permission of the candidate volunteer in advance of checking references or qualifications. Reference checks for every candidate volunteer are carried out in the same way. It is the policy of Vision Sports Ireland that ALL volunteers are Garda Vetted through Vision Sports Ireland/NCBI.


Code of Conduct

Training and Development

Vision Sports Ireland volunteers will be required to support events and activities. This may include:

  • Working directly with people who are blind and vision impaired to support on sporting activities.
  • Volunteers should be familiar with the organisational objectives of Vision Sport Ireland to promote sport and physical activity for adults and children who are blind and vision impaired.
  • The vision, mission and organisational structure of Vision Sports Ireland;
  • How their role fits within the broader purpose of Vision Sports Ireland;
  • The supports available to volunteers in Vision Sports Ireland including key contacts, information about the volunteer’s supervisor/line manager and communication channels within Vision Sports Ireland;
  • The type of commitment expected of volunteers;
  • The space, equipment and facilities necessary for the volunteer to carry out their role;
  • Health and safety, including any applicable risk assessments in respect of the volunteer’s role;
  • Vision Sports Ireland’s Code of Conduct for Volunteers;
  • Details of Vision Sports Irelands grievance and disciplinary procedures;
  • All other relevant policies and procedures of Vision Sports Ireland.

An appropriate level of training and job role description is provided to all volunteers to enable them to fulfil their role as effectively as possible with Vision Sports Ireland.


During Volunteering

  • Volunteers my be managed by a staff member/line manager who has the skills and experience in a particular role, and has responsibility for implementing the strategic goals of a particular area.
  • Volunteers may also me managed by a club coach/coordinator associated with the activity.
  • Volunteers are expected to arrive to the agree location on time. Working times are negotiated between the relevant line-manager and the volunteer and are as flexible as the tasks allow. Voluntary time commitment is never expected to match that of full-time paid staff, but unscheduled absences can create organisational problems. When expecting to be absent, volunteers should inform their supervisor as soon as possible, so that alternative arrangements can be made.
  • Volunteers are treated as full members of the Vision Sports Ireland team. They are treated as equally and fairly as paid staff and are included in the organisation’s functions and decision-making processes wherever practical.
  • Volunteers may support programme coordination for Vision Sports Ireland however they also support participants during activities i.e guide running.
  • Volunteers are expected to show respect to members, other volunteers and Vision Sports staff.
  • All written material, whether held on paper, electronically or magnetically which was made or acquired by volunteers during the course of their involvement with Vision Sports Ireland is our property and our copyright and therefore should not be disclosed to any person without our written consent. Volunteers are expected to exercise caution and care with any documents or other material containing confidential information and at the end of your involvement with the organisation, return any such material in your possession.
  • If appropriate, corrective action may be taken following support and supervision sessions. Examples include extending a probation period, additional training and/or reassignment.
  • Volunteers will not receive renumeration or expenses for volunteering with Vision Sports Ireland, unless otherwise and prior agreed.


Disciplinary Procedures

  • All volunteers have access to a process to address any issues or difficulties about any aspect of their work or how they are managed. If a volunteer is unhappy in their role or have a grievance they wish to discuss they may approach their designated manager, or escalate their grievance to the National Sports Development Manager. The matter will be dealt with in a private and confidential manner and in line with Vision Sports Ireland HR standards.
  • Volunteers who do not adhere to Vision Sports Ireland policies and procedures or who fail to perform their volunteer tasks satisfactorily may be asked to leave. Volunteer involvement will not be ended until the individual has an opportunity to discuss the reasons for being asked to leave with the supervisor. Grounds for being asked to leave include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Gross misconduct
    • Being under the influence of drugs (including alcohol)
    • Theft
    • Misuse of equipment and materials
    • Abuse of clients and co-workers
    • Breaches of confidentiality
    • Failure to abide by policies and procedures
  • Failure to complete duties to a satisfactory standard
  • When a volunteer is asked to leave an event or programme this will be communicated both in person and in writing to the individual.
  • If a volunteer is deemed to have behaved with extreme detriment to Vision Sports Ireland and its reputation and to the health and safety of others involved in the organisation, Vision Sports Ireland reserves the right to end its relationship with the individual with immediate effect.


For more information or relevant queries should be forwarded to the National Sports Development manager at visionsports@ncbi.ie

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