Women in Sport Week 2024

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EmpowHERment Evening

Vision Sports Ireland is delighted to host our female EmpowHERment Evening on March 4th at 7pm to celebrate Sport Ireland Women in Sport Week.

The session will begin with a yoga class led by our seasoned Yoga instructor Rachel, designed to energize your body and calm your mind.

After Rachel, our very own Aine will then cover all things healthy habits by discussing how you can make the most of your nutrition and how we can positively use goal setting.

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A selfie of Treacy and her 2 sons wearing irish jerseys

WIS Week Features

Day 3 – Treacy Percy (Leadership and Governance)

Tell us a little about you?

My Name is Treacy Percy I am 44 years old and have 5 men in my life my husband and 3 boys and of course a male dog Zeno.

Tell us about how you first got involved/ Favourite sport/activity?

I have been involved in sport since I was maybe 5 or 6. I love sport and activities I have tried everything from abseiling to skiing. I feel in love with athletics from and early age especially throwing but my favourite was diving and swimming.

Greatest Achievement in sport or life?

Apart from winning medals as a child and kayaking through Florida my most important achievement for me was becoming an athletics coach. I have the honour of supporting young and old athletes in shot put and javelin. I’m a bit of a danger mouse so the idea of being visually impaired and throwing a javelin always interested me.

Why do you think its important that women participate in sport?

I love the fact that so many woman volunteer at club level we can support each other and have many great social events.

What is your top tip for getting involved in sport?

To all the ladies young and old I would say give it a try what harm is it you might just find you love a new sport new friends and of course maybe lose a few pounds.

a player holding a rugby ball is about to be tacked in a vi rugby game

Day 2 – Niamh Trihy (Visibility)

Tell us a little bit about you?

I’m from Waterford and work in Dublin. I work in tax and often travel between Waterford and Dublin. In my spare time I have an interest in toastmasters, reading and theatre.

Favourite sport/activity?

I’m involved in a few different sports including yoga, running and vi rugby.

Tell us about how you first got involved?

I’ve been involved in a lot of different sports from a younger age, particularly attending different activities with my brothers and sisters where I was first involved in swimming and took up taekwondo and other sports since.

Greatest Achievement in sport or life?

I have my first degree black belt in taekwondo and also recently represented Ireland in the vi rugby team as part of the first international world cup tournament last October.

Why do you think it’s important that women participate in sport and exercise?

It’s great for wellbeing – to get fresh air (no matter the intensity of the sport), social interaction and also for physical health.

What is your top tip for getting involved in sport?

Enjoy what you’re doing, have fun is important.


Josie, a female with her hair tied up and her tandem pilot stand on a winners podium with medals around their necks

Day 1 – Josie Healion (High Performance)

Tell us a little about you?

My name is Josie Healion from Tullamore Co. Offaly, I am 28 years old and i a visually impaired full-time athlete, I was diagnosed with stargardts disease at the age of 7. But that has not stopped me from living my life to the fullest.

Favourite sport/activity?


Tell us about how you first got involved?

Vision Ireland invited myself and my sister to participate in a 6-week tandem cycling programme in 2014 along with other visually impaired participants of all ages. During the 6-week programme I fell in love with cycling. Following the end of the programme I was keen to keep up with cycling as it gave me an opportunity to participate in an outdoor sport, to achieve this we reached out to our local cycling club who were just as enthusiastic. I became a member of Tullamore cycling club in 2015 and still am to this day. I am very grateful for the support that they have given and continue give!

Greatest Achievement in sport or life?

Cycling has brought up so many opportunities for me that I could never have imagined starting out as a leisure cyclist. This has culminated in what has been a whirlwind few years where I have been selected as a member of the Irish Para-cycling team. With the most outstanding moment to date being my bronze medal at the World Championships 2022 in Canada, in what was my first year competing.

Why do you think its important that women participate in sport?

There are numerous benefits for women to get involved in sport, first being physical health and fitness. While also providing more social connections, empowerment and even skill development such as leadership, discipline, teamwork and goal setting. Overall participating in sports means investing in you and has a positive knock-on effect on the rest of your life.

What is your top tip for getting involved in sport?

A top tip for getting involved in sport is to start with something you genuinely enjoy. Finding a sport that you love makes it easier to stay committed and motivated. I firmly believe that there is a sport or activity out there for everyone. You just must be willing to try something new.

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